2021 Try-Out Guide

  • Try-Out Dates:

All try-outs will be conducted on Sunday October 4, 2020, and will be at Coleman Field.

  • Rain Date:

The event will only be cancelled in the event of inclement weather. The rain-date will be announced shortly

  • Try-Out Times:

Each division will try-out separately. Here are the times for each division:

  • 8u Division – No try-out. (“Skills Evaluation” will occur on another date). Please check for an e-mail in the next few days regarding this division.

  • 9u Division – TBD

  • 10u Division – TBD

  • 11u Division – TBD

  • 12u Division – TBD

  • 13u/14u Division – Try-out will be scheduled at a later time.

If your player’s division is not scheduled above, you are not required to attend the event.

  • Make-Up Date:

As of now, there has NOT been a make-up date scheduled. Please make every effort to attend these sessions.

Please Note: If a make-up date is scheduled your player must attend one of the dates. No further dates will be made available.

  • What to Bring

Your player will need the following items when they arrive for try-outs:

  1. Baseball Glove(s)

  2. Baseball Bat (USA Baseball Approved)

  3. Batter’s Helmet

  4. Water Bottle (Something healthy to drink)

  5. Catchers Gear – Catcher’s Only – If your player owns their own gear, please bring it to the event.

  6. Optional – Anything else your player would use on the baseball field (e.g. shin guards, batting gloves, sun glasses, etc.).

  • What to Wear

The following are recommendations for what your player should wear to the event:

  1. Baseball pants (no shorts);

  2. Lose fitting, athletic type shirt;

  3. Rubber cleats (no metal spikes);

  4. Baseball cap;

  5. Protective cup (required for Catchers); or,

  6. Any other “athletic” apparel your player can freely move around a field in.

*Dress appropriately for the weather on the day of event. If it is cold, for example, bring a sweatshirt/light jacket.

Arrival Instructions:

  • Players should arrive at the field, at least, 15 mins. prior to the start of the event.

  • Players should go directly to the registration table to sign in and receive their player #s.

  • Stage Gear in behind the 3rd base dugout of Coleman A.

  • Players may warm up on Coleman B prior to the event. Players will be expected to warm up on their own. No Swinging of Bats is allowed. Volunteers should be present to oversee throwing.

  • Players may not interfere with any active sessions.

Try-out Template & Observation of Players:

  • Try-outs will be facilitated by the Glen Rock High School Baseball staff at the request of GRLL.

  • A “Panel System” will be used to observe the try-outs and note how each player performs. The Panel will consist of 3 GRHS Coaches, a GRLL Board Member, and the Division’s former Manager/Coach.

The player’s skills will be observed to determine how they compare to what would be considered “age appropriate skill levels”.

A grading system will be used which will produce a “raw score”, and the players will be ordered by the highest score to the lowest. This will be used as a guide when rostering the teams.

  • The Try-outs will look and feel more like a practice to the players. They should prepare to work hard, and have an open mind to some coaching. Players will be observed not only for their skill levels, but also for their ability to learn and follow direction.

  • There will be an infield portion, an outfield portion and a hitting portion. Players will be grouped, at random, with other players and will travel with their groups from station to station the entire event.

  • Catchers will be identified prior to the infield portion and will be given an opportunity to work, defensively, from the catcher’s position. If players have a secondary position (IF) they will be given a chance to show their talents in both areas.

  • Pitchers will throw pitches following the hitting portion of the event. Any player can be a pitcher, so encourage your player to try. This will not count against them in terms of “raw score”.

General Information:

  • This is a “Drop and go” event. Please drop your player off and pick them up after the event. Parents who “hang around” the school will be asked to leave.

  • There are NO BATHROOMS on site, so please make accommodations for your player to use the restroom prior to the event.

  • The rostering process may take several weeks, so please do not expect to hear any results until mid-October.

  • As a reminder: all evaluator’s results and notes are confidential and will not be made available to the public. Inquires can be brought to the attention of VP Joe Youngberg.

  • Please prepare your players for the possibility that there may be “cuts” in his/her Division this year. We try to avoid these instances; however, it is not always possible.

  • With the exception of an emergency, all players will be expected to show at the time and date provided. Any players who simply don’t show when they are expected will not be given any opportunities to make-up the tryout.

  • Contact with questions.

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